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Simply put, Direct Care is a system of healthcare that cuts out the middleman so that your health is managed between you and your doctor alone. Instead of a disease-based healthcare model, Direct Care ensures that your doctors are fully invested in keeping you healthy.

Direct Care gives you unlimited access to your doctor, without having to worry about copays or hidden fees. Since 90% of health care needs can be met in a primary care setting, why not start here?



  • Pay as low as $70 per month for quarterly visits. For many, this is equivalent to, or even less than, a cell phone bill or a gym membership

  • No co-pays or need to pay into deductibles

  • No need for pre-authorizations

  • Since there is no middle man, we are able to keep costs low and provide many services at a discount


  • Get appointments whenever you need, as soon as next-day or day-of

  • When an email or video chat is all it takes, there is no need to drive over to the office

  • Access your lab results directly through our patient portal


  • With no-strings-attached proactive care, we will be more familiar with your case, and be able to optimally keep tabs on your health

  • Our visits are tailored to your needs, and can run between 30-90 minutes. Since the average primary care visit in the US is about 7 minutes, we are confident that we can provide you the highest quality care

  • Our doctors are experts in treating the whole you, and have training in primary care and drug management, as well as counseling, manual therapy, and many more modalities


  • All of our minor office procedures, such as ear lavage, minor wound care, and wart freezing, are covered under your membership

  • No longer have to worry about if you can "afford to go to a doctor" if something comes up

  • With affordable labs and other services, we can better monitor your health and alert you to any changes

$197 per month


"I have multiple medications I want to get off of, or I have multiple chronic/complex conditions I'd like to have looked at."

  • Unlimited Naturopathic Care visits

  • Discounted Labs and Bloodwork

  • Free introductory lab screening (CBC, CMP, A1C)

  • Minor office Procedures included in membership

  • Electronic/Phone visits and email access, guaranteed reply in 48 hours 

  • 75% off Acupuncture, Biofeedback, Visceral Manipulation, and Craniosacral visits

  • 25% off Professional Grade Supplements and Dispensary items

  • Family Plan: $125 per additional adult, $75 per additional child under 12 years old. Free for children under 2 years old.

$70 per month


"I'm basically healthy, but I want to optimize my health, or make sure it stays on track."

  • 4 Naturopathic Visits Per Year

  • Visits roll over year to year for up to 5 years

  • Option to "trade in" 1 visit for $200 in supplement purchase credit

  • Relaxed and extended visits

  • Minor office Procedures included in membership

  • Electronic/Phone visits and email access

  • 15% off Supplements and Dispensary items

  • Family Plan: $40 per additional adult, $20 per additional child under 12 years old. Free for children under 2 years old

    • Trade in credit limited at $100 per visit for adults under family plan, and $50 for children under family plan​

$70 per month 


"I don't live in the area, or I can't make it to in-person visits, but I still want to work on my health in a holistic and naturopathic way."

  • Unlimited online support through asynchronous email visits

  • Personalized nutrition and herbal medicine, lifestyle advice, and supplement recommendations

  • Individualized recorded meditations and workout plans as needed

  • Secure messaging and texting anytime as well as unlimited email support

  • 10% off Online Supplements and Dispensary items

  • Discount with transitioning from web plan to in-person plan!



Naturopathic First Office Call: $250

Naturopathic Follow-up Visit: $140

Follow Up Electronic/Phone Visits: $50

Acupuncture, Biofeedback, Visceral Manipulation, and Craniosacral visits priced as listed in the Services section.


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