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Disclaimer: We are affiliated with some of the companies in this section. This just means if you buy from the links below, the company will give us a small commission at no extra cost to you. This means you support us without spending any extra! =)  See our Disclaimer for more info.

Squatty Potty

Squatty Potty is one of the most common recommendations we have for patients with constipation. In fact, even if you don't have constipation, elevating your feet while you are on the toilet is a much better, healthier position to eliminate.


Being in a proper position can help with easy elimination, as well as preventing hemorrhoids or anal fissures.

Good Morning Snore Solution

Snoring is not only a potential disturbance to a bed partner, it can be a sign of sleep disordered breathing such as sleep apnea. Sleep disordered breathing can leave you feeling unrested and tired, and over the long term, can affect your health in more ways than one (increased cardiovascular and metabolic disease risk, etc.)

Good Morning Snore Solution is a simple mouthpiece proven to be safe and effective for most people with problems with snoring.

MELT Method

The MELT method is an easy at-home tool to use if you struggle from chronic muscle tension or other aches and pains. Because it works the fascial system effectively in a just 10-minutes a day, 3 days a week commitment, it's great for that pain-free maintenance without needing the weekly or monthly massages.

We recommend this system if you're living a constantly high-stress life and want to be active in preventing chronic pain that may arise. This is also a great maintenance program after chronic pain has been greatly reduced.


Sleepon is like your own sleep study at home. It's one of the most advanced sleep tracking devices on the market. If you're looking to really get some insight into your sleep and improve it, this is a great piece of technology to have onboard.

The report includes heart rate, blood oxygen, AHI, toss and turn, sleep debt etc. The app that comes with the device also gives customized advice based on the data it collects.


If you're concerned about your weight or blood pressure, Qardio is a great place to start in terms of knowing your numbers. Quardio makes both a smart blood pressure cuff and a smart scale that makes tracking your numbers easy.

We like Qardio's smart scale because it tracks body composition as well as weight. It also has a smart feedback feature that uses smileys instead of numbers - so you don't get too obsessive over the numbers!

Mosaic Weighted Blankets

The gentle pressure provided by weighted blankets is a great tool for anxiety, PTSD, and restless legs. They are especially helpful for calming anxious mood that interferes with sleep. 

2006 group study showed that 63% of the subjects reported lower levels of anxiety, and 78% preferred using the weighted blanket to help reduce stress and promote calm.

The weighted blankets at Mosaic are hand-made, sewn into quilted squares in a variety of fabrics to suit every customer’s needs and preferences. These quilted squares are filled with plastic, BPA-free, hypoallergenic pellets that are evenly distributed throughout the pockets on the blanket, ensuring even weight distribution.

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