Cultures For Health

Cultures for Health is a great place to start on making your own probiotic foods. They sell all sorts of fermentation starters including yogurts, kefir, kombucha, kavaas, and even koji rice and cheese starters.

Dr. Jordan and Dr. Joyce have been using starters from Cultures for Health since their student days, even having the same kefir grains for 9 years.

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Vital Choice

Vital Choice is one of the best places to get fresh, organic, and wild-caught seafood. Their selections are high in nutritional and culinary quality, with the convenience of fast home delivery.

It is also one of the few places you can get salmon caviar (roe), a food that is such a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, that it beats out most conventional krill oil supplements. Just a 1oz serving contains more EPA and DHA than 3.5oz of silver or sockeye salmon!

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