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LENS Neurofeedback Minnetonka MN

Reset and Retrain Your Brain with LENS Neurofeedback

Your brain is an amazing, complex “machine” – well, we all agree that it’s something more miraculous than a machine. However, just like other machines, our brains can still run into problems. Yggdrasil Naturopathic Medicine in Minnetonka, MN, offers effective, non-toxic treatment to help you restore optimal brain function from the subconscious on upwards.

We use the Ochs Labs neurofeedback system, a fast-acting treatment that can clear blockages in the brain caused by trauma and stress. This low-energy neurofeedback, or LENS neurofeedback, was brought to the world by Len Ochs in the 1980s. It has been used safely and effectively for years, giving you a new lease on life that commonly begins after the first session.

LENS Neurofeedback Therapy Minnetonka MN

How Neurofeedback Can Help

For patients living in Minneapolis and the broader twin cities, neurofeedback is an effective method of brain training and brain optimization that can improve your quality of life and relieve a range of mental health conditions. The Ochs Labs LENS neurofeedback system is recommended for patients who have anxiety, ADHD, depression, autism, addiction, OCD, head injuries, and other neurological conditions. Some of these center around emotional disturbances, such as anxiety, while others, including autism and injuries, have an organic cause. Regardless, the LENS neurofeedback system helps to reset your brain and trigger your natural healing processes. The brain has an amazing capacity to “rewire,” unlearning negative patterns that can lead to issues such as anxiety and stress-induced insomnia. It even has some capacity for regeneration, although this is a much slower process. You’re more than a ghost in the machine – you’re human, and that’s powerful!

This neurofeedback system offers a unique kind of brain training. It is perfect if you have trouble sitting still because an average session lasts only three to four minutes. If you find concentrating difficult, it’s even better. Sessions don’t involve the need for you to “do” anything. Instead, sensors are worn on your scalp capture information on your brainwave activity and send it to a computer. The computer program extracts this data and returns information back to your brain. You don’t feel anything during these sessions, and it takes an average of 11 treatments for you to see satisfactory results.

Holistic Brain Optimization

Holistic Brain Optimization by Yggdrasil Naturopathic Medicine

Yggdrasil Naturopathic Medicine provides tailored holistic support for your unique needs, hopes, and goals. We will evaluate whether neurofeedback or other treatment is best for your health and quality of life and consider other therapies we offer that may help. Some patients visiting our Minnetonka clinic can overcome their conditions entirely, and you will most likely experience a significant relief of your symptoms.

If you are interested in low-energy neurofeedback, we recommend adding a package, such as mind-body medicine, to strengthen and expand upon its benefits. Our Direct Care Plans provide you with significant discounts and the opportunity for ongoing support, acting in a similar way to insurance but without a meddling middleman.

To see if you may benefit from neurofeedback and what it can do for you, book an appointment here for a consultation.

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