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Naturopathic Medicine Minnetonka MN

Nurture your body and mind from the inside out with Naturopathic Medicine.

Naturopathic medicine is more than just switching pharmaceutical meds for herbs or supplements wherever possible. It’s a philosophy, a whole new world of perceiving, thinking, and living. The results patients can enjoy with this mindset make it increasingly popular around the world, including in Minnetonka, MN, and the Minneapolis and St Paul areas that Yggdrasil Naturopathic Medicine serves.

Our naturopathic medical doctors prioritize the most natural treatment options possible to promote overall wellness and prevent disease without medication or invasive surgeries. They may include dietary advice, nutritional supplements, herbal remedies, lifestyle changes, and other holistic therapies. We believe in the natural power of your body to heal itself and aim to help our patients achieve their desired results.

Personalized Care for Your Family

At Yggdrasil Naturopathic Medicine, our holistic doctors take the time to care for you and your individual needs, hopes, and dreams. We follow the same intake, examination, and diagnostic testing procedures as conventional doctors, but the first thing you may notice is the longer consultations and emphasis on your body as a whole system. For example, you may be asked about food intolerances and other aspects of your digestive health if you visit us for spring allergy treatment. Functional medicine testing is another common aspect of examination in order to get a clear picture of your health.

In naturopathic and integrative medicine, you will be treated as a unique individual, too. When visiting a functional medicine doctor in our Minnetonka, MN clinic, you are cared for as a whole person. Our naturopathic practitioners provide a personalized treatment plan to achieve optimal health and wellness. No two patients are the same, even if their presenting conditions have the same label. Your treatment plan is tailored for your own symptom picture, and what is feasible for you. You can trust that our holistic physicians have your best interests at heart.

Affordable Natural Treatment

Whether you’re seeking help for recurrent colds, diabetes control, joint pain, or fatigue, our naturopathic clinic in the Minnetonka and Edina area of Minneapolis won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Direct Care Programs provide naturopathic medicine as part of your membership, with up to four visits for the Maintenance Care Plan and unlimited appointments for the Active Care Plan. These include discounts on any supplements or other dispensary items you may need, too. If you don’t want a membership, functional medicine packages can help you get to the bottom of your health issues, which includes functional medicine testing (the Deep Dig) and a 6-8 week care plan.

Naturopathic and integrative medicine is all about treating your ailments naturally to produce the best results without adverse side effects commonly seen with pharmaceutical medications. Your plan will include both therapies that address the underlying causes of your issues and appropriate symptom management so you can get back to the lifestyle you want faster. Some parts of your treatment plan, such as sleep hygiene or incorporating regular walking or meditation into everyday life, don’t necessarily cost anything.

To schedule an appointment with one of our naturopathic physicians, Dr. Joyce Knieff or Dr. Jordan Knieff, click here.

Naturopathic Medicine Minnetonka MN
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