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Biofeedback Therapy Minnetonka MN

Learn how to breathe again with biofeedback therapy

Biofeedback therapy is based on the idea that the physical and psychological symptoms of your medical condition interact with each other in a complex dance. Relief of your psychological symptoms may relieve your physical symptoms, and vice versa, allowing your overall health to improve. It’s also a popular saying that the body keeps the score, as physical health issues can arise from and then even sustain poor mental health. At Yggdrasil Naturopathic Medicine, we understand the value of biofeedback training and are proud to provide it for our patients in Minnetonka and Edina, MN.

Thanks to this complex dance of symptoms, biofeedback training can effectively remove roadblocks that prevent your body’s natural healing response from working. Our naturopathic doctors offer biofeedback for anxiety and a range of other conditions to improve your health and quality of life by addressing the underlying cause.

Biofeedback Therapy Minnetonka MN

Types of Biofeedback

In general, biofeedback works by restoring balance to your nervous system and the energies in your subtle body. Our practice in Minnesota uses various biofeedback therapy techniques chosen to fit your presenting condition and its causes. We can help you learn to control natural body functions, including heart rate, temperature, breathing, brain waves, muscle contractions, sweat gland activity, and even body temperature.

It's a common saying in biofeedback training that “anything that can be measured can be changed.” When you watch your body temperature or heart rate, for example, you can eventually start to control it as awareness grows in your conscious brain. Heart rate variability, which is the ability of your heart to adapt to changes; muscle contractions, including those involved in headaches; and even brain wave patterns, are changeable on observation. When we focus on the brain, biofeedback is called neurofeedback.

You don’t have to be especially gifted or spend years meditating in order to control your body’s responses, however. With time and practice, you can enjoy a healthier nervous system through improved control. In fact, the simplest example of biofeedback is learning to monitor and control your breath. As you observe your breathing rate during yoga or mindfulness activities or slow and time it to Pilates exercises, you are practicing a form of biofeedback!

Mental Health Training Minnetonka MN

Non-Invasive Treatment for Physical and Mental Health

Biofeedback helps you to heal the underlying stresses that prevent recovery from a vast range of health issues.

Patients often prefer non-invasive treatment options, such as biofeedback for anxiety, to resolve health problems. Yggdrasil Naturopathic Medicine provides the most effective biofeedback therapy in Minnetonka to help with managing both your mental and physical health. The use of biofeedback can successfully reduce symptom severity and even potentially eliminate your condition entirely. Biofeedback is included in our MindBody Medicine packages.


If you’d love to discover what your mind-body connection is truly capable of, click here to book an appointment.

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