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A Different Approach.


There are many differences that separate us from the conventional healthcare providers you may be used to. To give you the best idea of these unique qualities, we’d like to share a few below. These are what our patients tend to love most about us and our overall approach to comprehensive care.


In each of your appointments, you will have plenty of time to address your concerns, share your history, and learn more about your health. Dr. Joyce and Dr. Jordan enjoy getting to know their patients as individuals, and so they never rush through a visit. From collecting your symptoms history to explaining what your lab results mean, you'll find that we're very detailed oriented in everything we do.

According to the 2016 Medscape Physician Compensation Report, 77% of male doctors and 73% of female doctors are spending 20 minutes or less with their patients, with 13-16 minutes being the most common amount of time. Here at Yggdrasil Naturopathic Medicine, our visits are always between 30 to 90 minutes, depending on the visit type and the complexity of your case. So you will always feel listened to and your concerns addressed. 


We're invested in having you feel better. That's why in our direct care structure, we don't have a limit on communication with our patients. If you have a question, no matter how small, you can send it directly to our doctors on our HIPAA secure smartphone app and get an answer without having to go through the trouble of scheduling another appointment and waiting for another visit. 

We focus on each and every patient that starts care with us. To make sure you get the personalized care and attention you need to achieve your health goals, Dr. Joyce and Dr. Jordan only actively work with 100 patients each (while other clinics may have up to 2,500 patients per doctor, according to research on typical primary care doctors). They will personally check in with you frequently throughout your care, make sure everything is going smoothly, and you are progressing more and more towards your health goals. If anything ever comes up, or your progress is stalling, Dr. Joyce and Dr. Jordan will work with you personally to troubleshoot your care plan.

Our promise to you is that you will never fell like you are "hung out to dry." If something comes up, whether that be a progress concern, a social concern, a financial concern, or a new health issue, let us know and Dr. Joyce and Dr. Jordan will be right with you.


Our primary goal is to help you feel better and live life the way you want to. And part of that is looking at your body as a whole, rather than separate parts that cause symptoms. We are firm believers that addressing the root cause of symptoms is a much better solution than suppressing long term, which can lead to them worsening or causing problems in other parts of your body. We understand that the root cause can sometimes be difficult to find, and there may even end up being multiple root causes. This is why we always take a thorough history, physical exam, and do lab testing in areas other doctors may not think to look. 

With the training, education, and experience that Dr. Joyce and Dr. Jordan have, we are proud to say that they are skilled in managing multiple diseases. Dr. Joyce and Dr. Jordan will always go for treating the root cause, but they also equally value using the least harmful path to wellness. Everything that Dr. Joyce and Dr. Jordan recommend will always come first from natural, drug-free options that looks for solutions outside of pharmaceutical medications. 

If, from your unique individual circumstance, you either need to or prefer to be on certain pharmaceutical medications, we can still help. Dr. Joyce and Dr. Jordan are both also extensively trained in pharmacology and prescription drug medications. Although they will not be able to prescribe your medications, they can collaborate with your prescribing provider and help optimize your health so that you may never need to increase your medication dosage. With extensive knowledge in both drugs and herbs/nutraceuticals, Dr. Joyce and Dr. Jordan will also be able to help watch out for any supplement or drug interactions that you or your prescribing doctor may not know about. 


Dr. Joyce and Dr. Jordan are trained in Naturopathic Medicine, Functional Medicine, Exercise Science, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. They are also trained in additional therapies such as Acupuncture, Moxabustion, Naturopathic Manipulation, CranioSacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Biofeedback and Hydrotherapy. Combining all of these approaches allows Dr. Joyce and Dr. Jordan to provide our patients with a multi-faceted approach that ensures we're able to do everything possible to help you achieve optimal wellness.

Many of our patients feel reassured when their symptoms make sense when placed in the broader context of these combined approaches. Patients often say they feel validated that their symptoms make sense, and that there is, in fact, something not quite right, after years of being told that they are normal and that they may just be imagining their symptoms. 


Shame has no place in our clinic (unless it's something that you're working on with us). Our primary goal is to help you feel better and healthier, and to that end, we will never shame you for anything. If a recommendation we give is hard to follow for you (for whatever reason at all- lifestyle, financial, or in terms of time-commitment), let us know, and we will work with you. We are absolutely passionate about individualized medicine, and part of that is making sure we come up with a care plan that is doable for you right now. 

Dr. Joyce and Dr. Jordan will also always help their patients understand the "why" behind every care plan. They will always take the time to explain your results, offer you resources to learn more, and answer any questions that you may have so you never feel left in the dark. Even if you feel like you just need a little more compassion through your health journey, or a little bit more hand-holding through your path to wellness, we're here to help.

Are You Ready To Find Out What Care With Us Will Look Like For You?

Book a free consultation with us so that we can learn more about you and share our unique approach to health. This is a no-obligation consultation so that we can explore options for you and see if we would be a good fit for your care. Click the button below to request your free consultation today!

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