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Personalized, Affordable, Accessible. Just for You


Get Healthy. For Good.

Simply put, Direct Care is a system of healthcare that cuts out the middleman so that your health is managed between you and your doctor alone. Instead of a disease-based healthcare model, Direct Care ensures that your doctors are fully invested in keeping you healthy.

Direct Care gives you unlimited access to your doctor, without having to worry about copays or hidden fees. Since 90% of health care needs can be met in a primary care setting, why not start here?

Direct Care


  • Pay as low as $100 per month for quarterly visits. For many, this is equivalent to, or even less than, a cell phone bill or a gym membership

  • No co-pays or need to pay into deductibles

  • No need for pre-authorizations

  • Since there is no middle man, we are able to keep costs low and provide many services at a discount


  • Get appointments whenever you need, as soon as next-day or day-of

  • When an email or video chat is all it takes, there is no need to drive over to the office

  • Access your lab results directly through our patient portal


  • With no-strings-attached proactive care, we will be more familiar with your case, and be able to optimally keep tabs on your health

  • Our visits are tailored to your needs, and can run between 30-90 minutes. Since the average primary care visit in the US is about 7 minutes, we are confident that we can provide you the highest quality care

  • Our doctors are experts in treating the whole you, and have training in primary care and drug management, as well as counseling, manual therapy, and many more modalities


  • All of our minor office procedures, such as ear lavage, minor wound care, and nasosympatico, are covered under your membership

  • No longer have to worry about if you can "afford to go to a doctor" if something comes up

  • With affordable labs and other services, we can better monitor your health and alert you to any changes

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